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10 April, 2023

11 Best Admin Templates For 2023

Our admin templates review will come in handy if you are working on a new application, full-blown or just a prototype.

You don’t need to start a new project from the ground up.

That’s when we come into play.

Instead of doing all the HEAVY LIFTING of reviewing and testing different admins and templates, this list delivers only the most promising ones.

After exhaustive testing over multiple months, we guarantee you’ll witness amazing things happen with these.


Every admin template includes many different page layouts, UI elements and other goodies to make speedy app dashboards.


Best Admin Templates For Any Dashboard

1. Admindek

admindek admin template

Admindek is one of the most powerful admin templates based on HTML, Bootstrap 5 and jQuery. It’s a tool we use regularly, thus including it at the top of this list.

Your dashboard will operate fantastically across different devices and platforms with Admindek. Also, you can use it for just about any project your heart desires.

You have complete creative freedom when working with Admindek. BUT. If you like the default settings and want to sort out an adding as fast as possible – go for it!

The options are endless with Admindek, ensuring everyone gets the most out of it.

2. ArchitectUI (HTML)

architectui admin template

Even though ArchitectUI comes in multiple variations, we wanted to add the HTML version to this list. It’s the more widespread solution for 1,000s of users from all around the globe.

Small and large projects and applications, ArchitectUI handles them all with ease.

You can quickly create an outcome that you need with 200 elements, nine dashboard styles and several ready-made color skins.

Thanks to SCSS and variables of stylesheets, it will be a little breeze for you to modify ArchitectUI to your project’s needs precisely.

ArchitectUI is also regularly updated and comes with friendly support, which you can access at any time.

3. Adminty

adminty admin template

Don’t waste time building it from the ground when working on an admin panel for your project or your client’s application. (Unless is necessary.)

But really, with Adminty you can easily approach a dashboard creation. The tool’s minimal, impactful design allows you to fine-tune it further.

With this, you can come up with a completely different variation. However, you’re not here to pick and modify a template.

There are still other solid solutions below that may work even better out of the box than Adminty.

4. Kero

kero admin template

Kero is not your everyday admin template. With a whopping collection of nine different dashboard styles, you can make an outcome a lot quicker.

This jQuery and HTML template works for analytics, advertising, monitoring, products, project management, etc.

Sticky sidebar navigation and minimal design ensure a fantastic mobile and desktop user experience.

Everyone has a blast!

Great documentation also ensures you can quickly review particular elements before activating and customizing them.

Note: Kero works both for personal and commercial projects. Big and small. Niche and general.

5. Fiori

fiori admin template

Fiori uses modern technologies that make it flexible and extensible for any project. It includes hundreds of components and a large list of options color schemes to make your variations speedily.

Some additional (optional) options include a fixed footer, fluid containers and predefined white and gray background.

What’s cool about Fiori is the top navigation bar, which is not something we are used to seeing too often.

If you are looking for an admin template that does not look too traditional, you better not miss Fiori. Support and updates are also part of the deal, so you’ll never feel lonely or your admin out of date.

6. Directory

directory admin template

While the above admin templates are more general, the following are more niche-specific. Their names reveal it all.

Directory is perfect for tracking the performance of your directory or listing website or application. You can have an overview of everything, to the smallest detail.

And if something doesn’t meet your needs by default, feel free to make adjustments so it will.

Any type of work with Directory will be a child’s play even for a beginner web developer. But first, take a peek at the live demo preview and enjoy this neat dashboard first-hand.

7. Hospital

hospital admin template

Hospitals and other medical institutions will also greatly profit from a reliable and powerful admin template. For this, we present you Hospital.

It’s clean, modern, feature-packed and easy-to-work-with. Hospital unlocks numerous possibilities to make an admin dashboard based on HTML swiftly and effortlessly.

Tons of components, different dashboard styles, predefined color skins and layout modifiers are all the different features of Hospital.

I like the minimal look of the template the most. The very many features are respectable (DUH!). Why else would we include it in this list of the best admin templates then?

8. Marketing

marketing admin template

Another very self-explanatory admin template for all the marketers and agencies out there. You can access the performance of your campaigns and funnels at any time with Marketing.

This is the right approach to better understand how well (or poor) your campaigns are doing. Only then can you make the right decisions.

Marketing is bundled with multiple layouts, components and elements for you to mix and match.

This an all the other templates on this list come with access to documentation, private Github repository, Slack channel and discussion forums.

9. Sales

sales admin template

You can collect all the financing data and statistics with Sales. Tons of material is available to sort you out with a proper admin panel for your or your client’s business.

You can have it all in one location, without the need to jump from one software to another, and possibly miss some important information. Sales is here to make difference.

What’s cool about Sales is your three different dashboard samples. Just these alone will save you heaps of time. But there are apps, UI kits, forms, icons, animations, cards, charts and multiple more stuff at your disposal.

10. Finance

finance admin template

The admin template above and Finance are pretty similar to some extect. Still, oh so different! Some may choose Finance over Sales for the design and some for the features. We did it for both.

Quick setup and instant customizations offer every Finance user the most bang for the buck. You can always reach out to the friendly support team for additional help.

Moreover, when opting for Finance, you can choose either Personal or Developer license. In addition to that, you can also gain access to all DasboarPack templates forever with a one-time payment.

11. Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrency admin template

With the buzz that Bitcoin and other cryptos create regularly, you may also be interested in joining the club. Or your client has an app, ICO, whatever!

Cryptocurrency is the solution that will get you moving in the right direction right from the get-go.

This template incorporates modern tech practices by default, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just plug and play.

Note: Cryptocurrency is easy to work with, even if you dig the design and want to use it for something outside crypto, you can still make it happen. And if you do, please let us know.

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