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10 April, 2023

9 Best Bootstrap Forum Templates & Themes 2023

Create a community, niche, or general, using Bootstrap forum template and themes.

You can now treat yourself to a safe start with the tools below.

While the templates do not offer a complete forum creation, you get all the goodies to start immediately with themes.

Note: Coding knowledge is necessary for templates. But you can start immediately (0 experience) with the themes – great for beginners.

Here’s the best of both worlds so that you can enjoy a speedy development process with or without programming.

Moreover, we also included a few social networks and knowledge base/support layouts. You’ll enjoy it all.

Save time. Boost workflow.

Best Bootstrap Forum Templates For Any Community

1. Docy

docy forum template

Docy is not your standard forum HTML5 template, as it’s primarily used for helpdesk forums and knowledge bases. Docy is also the right solution if you want to feature documentation online.

The template comes with a broad collection of functional features that you can put into play out-of-the-box. Of course, you also tweak it if necessary or just change the color scheme.

The structure is 100% responsive and the code built with beginners in mind (read: excellent for pros). The template is also fully translatable, RTL ready and comes with a dark mode switcher.

You can preview first, see how amazing Docy is and then take action.

2. Disilab

disilab forum template

So, if you are a fan of Quora (I sure am!) and have an idea of building a similar platform, you’re lucky. Disilab is a powerful template that speeds up the process of building questions and answers social platform.

The package comprises three homes and over forty practical pages with unlimited possibilities. One of the options is to opt for the default settings, but you can also perform as many customization tweaks as you want.

It even comes with an RTL version!

From starting to launching a Q&A network does not necessarily need to take a ton of time. At least not when you consider benefiting from the perks of Disilab.

3. Socimo

socimo forum template

Whether niche or generic, building a community happens quicker than you think with Socimo. This remarkable and resourceful template is perfect for creating a new social network.

Why do it from scratch if you don’t have to?

Socimo has every element, layout and component neatly packed into one solid tool. Marketplace, live chat and dark mode are included, too.

Like that wouldn’t be enough already, there’s also an admin dashboard, essential to successfully managing and maintaining a social network.

And this is still just a small section of all the specialties that make Socimo what it is – pure excellence.

4. Socialite

socialite forum template

Enjoy the smooth process of developing your new social web app with Socialite. This clean, minimal solution (how an online community platform should be) easily adapts to your ideas.

Even though you don’t need to stick to it exactly as-is, there’s a good chance you’ll want to use its default (design) settings.

Some features include login and register pages, a friend list, six months of free support and updates for life. You can peek at all the predefined page templates live to experience how awesome Socialite is.

Thanks to the modular structure, you can easily use and reuse components at free will. Make an online community platform that’s truly yours.

5. Docy

docy wp forum template

Yes, Docy also comes as a WordPress theme. So if you feel like coding, that’s when you go with the above, template version. But if you don’t feel like coding, that’s when you go with this option.

Building a documentation and forum website doesn’t require coding knowledge these days. It’s all more or less just some clicking and effortless customization, and that’s it!

Docy is optimized for excellent performance, mobile devices, SEO, and jazz. With this powerful solution, you cannot go wrong to create a forum for your software.

A quick execution for a killer result.

6. Docly

docly forum template

May the names of the above and this theme not fool you. Even their use is pretty similar!

Anyhow, meet Docly. This top-class Bootstrap forum template for WordPress is great for online documentation and knowledge base. It comes with the easy-to-use bbPress helpdesk forum that any user can benefit from easily.

Docly uses only the latest technologies and follows today’s modern web trends. The performance of your forum website will be outstanding. On the other hand, using it and customizing it will be something you’ll master on the fly.

Keep all the data and info in one place, making it as helpful as possible for your users. Docly FTW!

7. Join Up

join up forum template

Join Up is an all-in-one WordPress theme for building an online community. From social networking to forum and blogging, this tool has everything you can benefit from. You can even expand it with an eCommerce section, which is something.

Join Up includes the Elementor page builder, which unlocks the simple drag and drop technique. No experience is necessary to work on great things with Join Up.

Even if you plan to customize this theme you will never need to touch a single code string. Enjoy the shortcodes, the one-click installation, the Slider Revolution and the social media integration.

Join Up is here for everyone.

8. Beehive

beehive forum template

Social networks are modern forums. Sure, classic forums are still active, but more and more folks rely on social media first and foremost.

You can now make your own with Beehive. With 100s of downloads and 4.8+ star ratings, you know this tool is one hell of a solution to make great things happen.

And you can start with absolute confidence even if you are establishing a social network website for the first time.

Beehive includes all sorts of goodies, like newsfeed, social likes, notifications, live chats, forums, blog, job search – everything. But first, preview the live demo and go from there.

9. kbDoc

kbdoc forum template

You can almost immediately create a helpdesk forum with kbDoc. This Bootstrap theme also works great for documentation and knowledge base. Make it always accessible for happy users.

Dark and light mode toggle, RTL support, PSDs, accordions and mega menu are some of the highlights that kbDoc includes. Of course, there’s more, covering all the necessary and then some.

You’ll be stoked using kbDoc because this is the only tool you need for your helpdesk forum website. There is no need for 3rd-party plugins and extensions (but you can include them if needed).

You’re all set for success.

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