Adoring Maude Apatow

The Women Make Euphoria

Maude was photographed for The Cut‘s February issue! Check out the photos below of Maude along with Zendaya, Hunter, Barbie, Alexa and Sydney!

The Women Make Euphoria

The cast on playing teens forever on the brink of disaster.

THE CUT – There’s Euphoria, the television series, and there’s Euphoria-ness. The HBO show, about a group of self-destructive teens fumbling toward self-discovery, became an instant phenomenon when it premiered in the summer of 2019. TV dramas about troubled high-schoolers are nothing new, but Euphoria felt like it was. The characters deal with addiction, gender dysphoria, poverty, and rage, all of it spinning out in a hyperstylized universe. It’s a multisensory experience, full of saturated colors, bombastic needle drops, and a restless camera that whips among characters as they float from one bad decision to the next. There’s something strangely enthralling about the chaos. As a friend of mine says, some people put The Office on in the background; for others, Euphoria is that show.

“It’s like we were chasing Euphoria,” says Zendaya, who stars as the drug-addled teen Rue, when describing the feeling of resuming production on season two. “We were like, We need to be what we were in season one, and we were trying to find that spark. We weren’t saying it, but we were a little stressed.”

The show, adapted from a 2012 Israeli series of the same name, follows Rue and the teens in her orbit: the perennially buttoned-up Lexi (Maude Apatow); Lexi’s older sister, the so-romantic-it-hurts Cassie (Sydney Sweeney); Cassie’s terrifyingly confident best friend, Maddy (Alexa Demie); Maddy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Nate (Jacob Elordi), a maniac in the body of an Abercrombie model; Kat (Barbie Ferreira), an acerbic goth turned entrepreneurial camgirl; and the soft-natured, battle-worn Jules (Hunter Schafer), who becomes a love interest for Rue and a lust interest for Nate and his father, Cal (Eric Dane).
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