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Maude for Who What Wear

Maude was recently interviewed for Who What Wear. Check out the stunning new photoshoot below!

Welcome to the Summer of Maude Apatow

WHO WHAT WEAR – “Wait!” Maude Apatow interrupts herself in a moment of panic. “I need to make sure that I give you an exact statement of how I’m supposed to describe it because I don’t know if I’ve spoiled anything.” The 22-year-old actress has the arduous task of promoting a new project shrouded in secrecy, and she understandably doesn’t want to blow it. Apatow and I are just a few minutes into our phone conversation when I ask her about the project in question, Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series Hollywood. She hints at a post-war Tinseltown narrative turned on its head, and that’s pretty much all she can say at the time of our call. Hollywood is Murphy’s second project for the giant streamer, and luckily, I don’t need to be privy to key plotlines to know that one, the series will be a hit, and two, the cast, a mix of industry vets and exciting new talent, is not to be overlooked. These are Murphy staples, after all.
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Stars Bring Television to New Heights

Natasha Lyonne, Michelle Williams, Billy Porter, and More Stars Bringing Television To New Heights

W MAGAZINE – If you want to find the furiously beating heart of culture today, the world of television is the place to begin your search. That’s where cinematic genres continue to be reinvented and reborn, mirroring changes in society: Romantic comedies are set in high schools; supernatural horror takes campy twists; character-driven dramas put previously marginalized groups front and center. And now, plenty of those series’s previously unsung stars are finding themselves front and center in the industry, too. Billy Porter, for example, is no longer just turning heads on Pose, but also on the red carpet; even amidst the hordes of other A-list celebrities, at this year’s Met Gala, Porter—who just became the first-ever openly gay black man nominated for the Emmy’s Lead Actor in a Drama—was impossible to miss.) Aside from Pose, which has made history with scripted TV’s largest cast of transgender actors, representation has been improving elsewhere, too: Between Alison Brie in GLOW, Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll, Connie Britton in Dirty John, and Michelle Williams in Fosse/Vernon, there’s been less need than ever to throw around the phrase “strong female character” when it comes the roles women have to choose from to appear on-screen. From Maude Apatow of Euphoria to Penn Badgely of You, here are 14 stars powering the hits we can’t stop watching.
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Maude Apatow Caught the Acting Bug From Musicals

The Euphoria costar opens up about her famous parents, her decision to leave college, and her next project with Pete Davidson.

VANITY FAIRYou just caught an early flight to L.A. to make a BTS concert at the Rose Bowl. How was it?
So worth it. They have the most insanely complicated choreography and everyone is losing their minds. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

You’re a proud Angeleno and essentially grew up on movie sets, thanks to early roles in your dad [Judd Apatow]’s films. What’s your earliest memory from being on set?
I was so young that I don’t really remember anything besides liking it. I’ve been so lucky to be on sets my whole life, but I actually got the acting bug from doing musicals in high school, like Cabaret and Into the Woods, so it always seemed like that’s where I was headed.
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Maude Carves Her Own Path

Maude Apatow Carves Her Own Path

THE LAST MAGAZINE – Maude Apatow knows life in Hollywood. After all, it’s where she grew up and where she still lives and works as an actress. While her entrée into the film industry was an unconventional one that began, essentially, at her birth, the choice she made to continue as an adult was genuinely incisive. After spending the past nine months shooting Sam Levinson’s new HBO series Euphoria alongside Zendaya and with the announcement that she’ll be co-starring in a film with Pete Davidson this summer—plus “Don’t Mind Alice,” the short she co-wrote and -directed that debuted at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last year—it’s clear she’s been in full pursuit for a while now. And if being born into a family of Hollywood stars has affected her—apart from the opportunities it offered her, which she hasn’t taken for granted—it seems only to have made her into someone just like the rest of us: a slightly nervous, Instagram-addicted twenty-year-old with a sense of humor and a love of reality television.
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Maude Apatow Grows Up

Maude Apatow Grows Up

Apatow, the daughter of Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow, has done her fair share of comedies starring in her parents’ films. Now she grows up and goes it alone in “Euphoria,” the controversial new Drake-produced HBO series.

WWD – Maude Apatow, despite being the scion of two of Hollywood’s biggest comedic forces — Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann — and owning a résumé that dates back to before her 10th birthday, is not very Hollywood at all.

She professes that she’s self-conscious and awkward — and she is, but in a way that’s earnest and charms everyone around her.
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Maude Discusses Her Latest Projects

Maude Apatow Discusses Her Latest Projects

The 18-year-old actress is paving her own path

The following feature appears in the November 2016 issue of NYLON.
NYLON – The tables are bustling with industry folk at this Brentwood, Los Angeles restaurant—talk of pilots and network meetings creates a cacophony in the air. It’s the kind of environment that actress and comedy superstar progeny Maude Apatow is probably used to: Indeed, sitting in a gray T-shirt, floral-print skirt, black Chuck Taylors, and tiny gold nameplate necklace that reads “Apple” (a nickname of sorts), it’s not the scene that makes the 18-year-old squirm. “Oh man, I’m just, like, the most uncomfortable person in the world,” she says with a laugh, shaking her head in self-deprecation. As we chat over lunch, she fumbles for the right words to finish a sentence. “I’m so awkward, it’s terrible!” she continues. But her awkwardness, which is far less pronounced than her hyperbole would have you believe, is really more endearing than it is “terrible.” Especially for someone who has been in the public eye since elementary school.
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